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Tailored college counseling for your academic success

Uni Discovery offers comprehensive college counselling services that transcend traditional approaches, providing unparalleled guidance throughout every stage of your academic journey. From the initial phase of shortlisting suitable colleges to crafting a strategic profile that reflects your unique strengths and aspirations, our expert counsellors are committed to your success.

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95%+ of students we have worked with have got into the college of their FIRST choice!

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Advantages of choosing Uni Discovery over other college and career exploration consultancies:

Holistic Approach

We go beyond mere shortlisting, delving into personalised profile strategy development. Our holistic approach ensures that your academic journey is not just a checklist but a well-crafted narrative that stands out.

Precision with Psychometric Tests

Uni Discovery excels in leveraging psychometric tests to uncover your inherent strengths and preferences, guiding you towards academic and career paths that align seamlessly with your aptitudes. Our precision ensures you make informed decisions about your future.

Essay/LOR/ Resume Writing and Brainstorming Excellence

Crafting compelling essays is an art, and our counsellors are adept at guiding you through the brainstorming process and refining your writing skills. Uni Discovery ensures that your essays not only meet application requirements but also reflect your authentic voice, making a lasting impression on admissions committees.

Application Support and Handholding

Filing applications can be overwhelming, but Uni Discovery provides unwavering support. Our counsellors stand by you through the entire application process, offering guidance, insights, and ensuring that every detail is meticulously attended to, so you navigate the application maze with confidence.

Personalised and Dedicated Counsellors

At Uni Discovery, we understand the importance of personalised attention. Unlike other consultancies, we provide dedicated counsellors who are invested in understanding your unique goals, challenges, and dreams, ensuring a tailored approach that maximises your chances of success.

Watch this video from our Founder explaining the “UD” advantage and how we prep students in our “UD LAB” not just for their journey to college BUT Life!

Our Process

Quick Easy Steps

01 Step


Schedule a FREE Discovery Call to meet our advisors and select your counselor.

02 Step


Your counselor develops a tailored action plan and a detailed Profile Building Catalog.

03 Step

Schedule Meeting

Coordinate a convenient Zoom meeting time, considering global flexibility.

04 Step

Meet the Founder

In a 20-minute session, align your profile with goals, whether for admissions or academic advising.

05 Step

Review and Consider

Post-consultation, access materials, and compile questions for your enrollment advisor.

06 Step

Find Your Ideal Program

Conclude with a recommendation review call to determine the perfect Uni Discovery program for you.


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