Creative Courses

Creative arts courses encompass a wide range of disciplines that nurture artistic talents and foster innovative thinking. These courses help students develop essential skills in visual communication, design, and artistic expression. By engaging in hands-on projects and learning from experienced professionals, students can build strong portfolios, gain practical experience, and prepare for successful careers in the creative industries.

Courses We Offer

1. Design Course Overview

This course is designed to provide students with comprehensive skills and knowledge in various aspects of art and design. It includes workshops, skill-building sessions, portfolio reviews, and mentoring on various design fields.

2. Fashion Course Overview

This course is designed to provide students with the essential skills required to meet the basic qualification criteria for fashion design colleges. It  includes practical
workshops on fashion figure drawing, clothing illustrations, fabric textures, and various other aspects of fashion illustration


For these we offer only portfolio review from top mentors from Pratt and Parsons

What We Teach?

Design Course

Weekly Schedule

Saturdays: 1 hour (with an option for an additional hour if needed)
Total time: 15+ hours

Week 1: Introduction and Fundamentals

● Saturday (1 hour):
● Introduction to the course and objectives.
● Basics of conceptual art and design thinking.
● Material manipulation techniques using pencil, fine liners, and acrylics.
● Human Anatomy , Live sketching

Week 2: Exploring Different Materials and Techniques

● Saturday (1 hour):
● Advanced sketching and fine-liner techniques.
● Acrylic painting basics and techniques.
● Introduction to different forms of materials for conceptual art.

Week 3: Concept Development and Creative Challenges

● Saturday (1 hour):
● Developing concepts and ideas from scratch.
● Creative challenges: Creating something out of scratch within 1 hour.
● Introduction to product design and user experience design.

Week 4: Fundamental of Design

● Saturday (1 hour):
● Understanding Elements of Design , sketching and drawing techniques.

Week 5: Specialized Design Fields -

● Saturday (1 hour):
● Introduction to Different Design fields such as Visual and Interaction Design ,
User Experience Design , Fashion and Lifestyle Accessory Design , Leather
Design , and more.

Week 7: Portfolio Development - Part 1

● Saturday (1-2 hours):
● Guidelines for creating a strong art and design portfolio.
● Reviewing and refining portfolio pieces.

Week 8: Portfolio Development - Part 2

Saturday (1-2 hours):
● Continued work on portfolio pieces.
● Individual feedback and refinement.

Week 10: Final Portfolio Review and Counseling

● Saturday (1-2 hours):
● Final portfolio review and feedback.
● Individual counseling sessions for college and their portfolio requirements.
● Final thoughts and course wrap-up.

Fashion Course

Weekly Schedule

Saturdays: 2 hours (3-5 pm)
Total time: 12+

Week 1: Basics of Fashion Figures and Features

Saturday (2 hours):
● Introduction to fashion figure drawing.
● Techniques for drawing fashion faces.
● Detailed study of fashion features (eyes, nose, mouth, etc.).
● Practice exercises on drawing fashion figures and faces.

Week 2: Clothing Illustrations and Fashion Poses

Saturday (2 hours):
● Drawing different types of clothing on fashion figures.
● Understanding and illustrating fashion poses.
● Techniques for drawing hands, feet, and legs.
● Practical exercises on drawing clothed figures in various poses.

Week 3: Fabric Textures and Advanced Illustrations

● Saturday (2 hours):
● Introduction to different fabric textures.
● Techniques for illustrating fabric textures in drawings.
● Advanced fashion illustration techniques.
● Practical exercises on integrating fabric textures into fashion drawings.

Week 4: Final Project and Review

Saturday (2 hours):
● Step-by-step guidance on creating a complete fashion illustration.
● Final project work and review.
● Presentation and critique of final projects.

Ongoing Review and Critique

Around 4 hours online with multiple iterations
● Continuous review and critique of student work.
● Personalized feedback and guidance.
● Opportunity for students to ask questions and receive detailed critiques on
their progress.

Additonal Notes

  • Flexibility: The course schedule is designed to allow students ample time to practice and refine their skills throughout the week.

  • Review Sessions: Ongoing review sessions are an integral part of the course, providing students with continuous support and feedback.

  • Mentorship: The instructor will provide mentorship throughout the course, focusing on students’ individual goals and progress.


This curriculum ensures a comprehensive and flexible learning experience for students aspiring to excel in fashion design. It equips them with the skills needed to create professional-quality fashion illustrations and meet the basic qualification criteria for fashion design colleges.


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