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  • qHow is Uni Discovery different?

    UD is definitely a “premium” service at less than half the price point because

    1.We believe quality > quantity yet accessibility to all

    2.Our services are personalized to each candidate through mentors and people who’ve been there, done that.

    3.We have a no-commissions system. We only recommend universities/ careers that suit candidates vs. pushing our agenda

    4.Our team comprises of Ivy league + top university graduates with study + work experience abroad across USA, UK, JAPAN, EUROPE!

  • qIs there a guarantee to get into a university with Uni Discovery?

    1.There is no guarantee of anything in-life BUT we know how scary the study abroad process is and we want to be there to support you every step of the way.

    2.We are confident that with our stellar team of counsellors & tutors, we will help you carve a stand out application towards your dream university!

  • qIDo you only guide for universities or work as well?

    We guide across every aspect associated with your “career,” that starts with the university usually. This includes entrepreneurship, launching your own media business, building your social profiles, networking, cracking interviews, getting mentored & upskilling for colleges and so much more!

  • qWhat if I don’t like the mentorship you provide?

    1.We have collectively helped 1000s of students through 1v1 and group coaching sessions

    2.We have a network of alumni that belongs to the top institutes

    3.We have never faced a problem in our coaching feedback, however, we are happy to amicably workout a solution

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